Beginning of a Renovation

Tackling my own renovation and redesign ~ Yikes!

After living in our home for 15 years I finally decided to renovate our home in the way that I have always imagined that our home really wants to be. (Did you see what I did there? I gave my home a persona.) And what I really felt my home wanted was to have the stairs moved to a different location. I mean, for goodness sakes, those stairs have been sitting in the same place for 60 years.

As most renovations go, the best time for us to renovate was once all of our kids left home. Just kidding ~ this would have been great to do when they were all at home ~ but kids are expensive and time consuming, God love them. Now that they have all flown the nest we have actually found it more necessary to open up our space. When they were all at home it was nice to have separate rooms where moody teenagers could go to pout or where small children could throw their toys around without it being in the main living area. Now when they are all at home they like to be in the same area together! They also tend to bring others with them, such as spouses, dates or friends. A galley kitchen that was meant for just one person to work in is not the best place for everyone to gather. Thus the moving of the stairs…